5 reasons, why Interactive Media Management rocks ;)

I will give you a secret: I am getting older. Seriously.  🙂  But if I look at my life path, I feel like, I am still in my 20s.  😉  I did my masters in Germany. I was a brand manager in Turkey. After 7 years of full employment, I quitted my well-paid job to found my own start-up company.  And now I am a student in Canada for studying Interactive Media Management! And I am enjoying it! But for what?  Is it worth to get out of your comfort zone for a pursue of a career in Interactive Media Management ? Come on! Be courageous with your life! Catch the wave!

1- Dynamic:


Source: http://cheezburger.com/6589763072

What do you think an Interactive Media professional does? Preparing a rigid web site and giving information about the company? Of course not! We are talking about revolution and about a market accumulated around a dynamic media. It is not about explaining what you want. It is about adapting to your company, what you hear. So, the content is not stabile. It is changing maybe every second. Interactive Media is dynamic. It acquires lots of energy. I love it!

2- Conversation: 


Source: http://www.flickr.com

Have you read Cluetrain Manifesto? If not, you have to do it 🙂 It explains in 95 theses how the rules of the market have changed. People exchange information very fast. During this exchange, they learn many things. The hierarchies are subverted with hyperlinks. The market is getting smarter through Interactive Media. Something is going on here. Having read about my background, do you think I can be left out? I want to be a part of this powerful, smart conversation! And asap!

If you would like to dig in more: www.cluetrain.com

3- Trendy


Source: www.flickr.com

I was always a person, who is following trends. Some people may argue, it is superficial. I don’t care. I like it. 🙂 Recently the young generation is talking a language, that I do not understand. UX, UI? It is cool and trendy, but what the hell are they? So, I want to be a part of this language. I cannot be left out of this industry! I want to have a trendy career. 🙂

4-  Money:


Source: http://www.flickr.com

With my own start-up, which I have since 3 years, I have seen in practice, how you can influence people with Interactive Media and how they can influence you. You can make money with Interactive Media Management. You can make it with your own business or with a polished title in a company 🙂 Experience talks 😉

5- Hands on work:


Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/Y0F6cTX

If I am working on a project, I like to have my hands dirty. Without hands on work, you cannot understand the scope of the project. Digging the content, telling stories and managing user experience integrated projects  is challenging.

Come on! It’s time to roll up the sleeves!


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