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Every Interactive Media Manager probably  knows that “Content is a conversation.” Starting a conversation and keeping it engaging needs awareness of the diversity.

A good explanation  of diversity is “… understanding that each individual is unique and recognising individual differences.  These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.”

Relating it to interactive media management you  have to know your audience very well. Who are they? What’s their background? What are their interests?

We can take Canada as an example of audience. Canada is like a small model of the world. Can you imagine to create content without taking into consideration the diversity dimension of this society? Different genders, nationalities, social status, religious beliefs are all the colours of the audience. All parts should be feeling that they are presented in the specific content and are part of the conversation.

Content, that includes touch points to different personalities of the society, welcomes people to start the conversation. It’s like the tendency to decide going to a party with a friend. If you know somebody like you will also be there, your tendency to participate will also be higher.


Back home, I was always wondering why in American films there  always are one person with  blonde hair and blue eyes, one person with African, another with Hispanic roots were represented. If it is a film or a web site, you have to start with creating possible personas of the content. In a persona, you are describing the potential user of your content with details related to the purpose of them interacting to the content.

Mark Hurst in Creative Good, which is published in January 2013, is talking about the personas like:

“.. good UX work requires a genuine interest in observing, listening to, and learning from other people: primarily the customers themselves, but also the organization that owns the product. That observation, and that listening, must stem from a genuine human interest in people.”

Actually, to take diversity into consideration by content creating means,  a genuine interest for people. Interactive Media Manager should be willing to learn and discover about people in every detail, such that a product for them can be created. Creating different personas, or users of your content with regard to the diversity will make the content “closer to truth” like stated in the article of Diverse Content for a Diverse Audience People. Diversity isn’t about creating an idealised picture of the world. It’s about reflecting what the world actually looks like. Less diverse content is less accurate.”

There are many ways to create content for the diverse audience:

I will now talk about a very small but crucial detail: Let’s say you are creating a new web site. You are writing the code and you are adding a picture. Do you know that by only adding an attribute to the code of the image, which helps to write the definition of the picture , you can help a visually impaired person to understand what the picture is? It is so easy.

Or if you are talking about some professions who are associated with men, if use newer versions of the word which are unisex. Like vocabulary choice instead of fireman firefighter. It is again a small step but you already added the other 50% of the population to your content by adding gender  consideration to your work.

As a result, if it is an app or website or a video,  I think the trick is  being able in creating common denominators for the different facets of the society to engage them to our conversation.


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